Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend visitors!

Thursday my best friend Melissa came into town with her oldest daughter Gabby. They stayed all weekend and left this morning. I loved my whole time with them. We really didn't do anything but visit and hang around my house. It was nice. Friday we swam and just visited. My parents came over with Maddie and Malorie for dinner. The girls played. Friday evening Melissa and I just rode around to see the old neighborhood. Gosh, alot has changed in the 20 years we have been away. Saturday we woke up and went shopping at Lancaster House. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE IT!! We got Malorie for the day/evening so that the girls could play. They did crafts, watched a movie, colored, played on www., and just played nice. Melissa and I really enjoyed our time together and it was nice to just chill with her for a few days. I definitely missed seeing her other two little ones (Noah and Elaina). So here is some pics from the weekend.

Best friends since I was in diapers!

Gabby and Malorie enjoying the pool.

Cameron enjoying being thrown in the pool by Nana. He absolutely loved it!

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