Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adventures of Cameron

Today has had many highs and some lows. From tasting a new treat to falling asleep on my shoulder, I have fallen in love all over again with my little man.

Trying Wafers for the 1st time!

Cameron's favorite pasttime is to look out the blinds!

Cameron getting in trouble.

5 minutes later!

SLEEPY TIME. He just sits there watching the television with very heavy eyes. When he is sleepy is sometimes very quiet. =)

5 minutes later I look over at him on my shoulder and see this. SO CUTE!

Cousins playing together!

This past weekend we celebrated my niece Lainey's 1st birthday. It was so cute! It was just a small party with the family. I loved the ending when all the cousins were playing together in her room. They play so good together. I know they will all be such good friends. Malorie in the cutest outfit!
Maddie just playing.
My brother Eric and Lainey.
The birthday girl!
Mom with the 1 yr. olds
Malorie, Maddie, and Cameron