Saturday, March 6, 2010

It feels like an eternity!

Today's blog is going to get everyone caught up. I am so sorry to take so long. Two of my friends (Crystal and Caroline) will now be happy! Life hasn't slowed down yet!

Today Cameron and I went to the park to have a mommy and Cameron Day. We had a blast. Cameron loves the slides! HEAD FIRST!

and the swing!

I love me some juice!

Cameron had to get some breathing treatments when he had RSV. He did so good. He would just sit there and get the treatment most times.

Pictures at Nortons in his Christmas outfit.


Cameron loved to just walk in the snow. He didnt really care to sit down in it though. He was just surprised at how everything was white!
It was so pretty to look at too!

We also changed Cameron's crib to a toddler bed. He was getting pretty mischievious and liked being a daredevil. He has slept in it every night. He will just lay in it and go to sleep. Of course there is a baby gate at his door so he can't run wild. Some mornings we wake up to him playing in his room. =)

PEEK-A-BOO - He has cleaned out his dresser from time to time to play peek-a-boo with us. One night I heard him playing and walked in his room. I didn't see him b/c he was inside the dresser cabinet.

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! - Cameron had such a great Christmas with all of his family members. He loved his presents and the boxes too.



Christmas morning with presents from Santa. OH Cameron got a keyboard, basketball goal, and a tool bench from Santa (aka handy me downs from friends)!

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