Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Precious child!

I just love this little guy so much!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crazy kid!

Cameron woke up with this hairdo from his nap.
I brought home a balloon from my inservice today knowing it would be a hit with Cameron.

He decided to put it under his shirt and run around with it there!

Why is it that kids eat corn dogs from the side? Then decide to eat it the correct way, or is there a correct way?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend visitors!

Thursday my best friend Melissa came into town with her oldest daughter Gabby. They stayed all weekend and left this morning. I loved my whole time with them. We really didn't do anything but visit and hang around my house. It was nice. Friday we swam and just visited. My parents came over with Maddie and Malorie for dinner. The girls played. Friday evening Melissa and I just rode around to see the old neighborhood. Gosh, alot has changed in the 20 years we have been away. Saturday we woke up and went shopping at Lancaster House. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE IT!! We got Malorie for the day/evening so that the girls could play. They did crafts, watched a movie, colored, played on www., and just played nice. Melissa and I really enjoyed our time together and it was nice to just chill with her for a few days. I definitely missed seeing her other two little ones (Noah and Elaina). So here is some pics from the weekend.

Best friends since I was in diapers!

Gabby and Malorie enjoying the pool.

Cameron enjoying being thrown in the pool by Nana. He absolutely loved it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cameron's Favorite Things!

I thought I would just post some pics of some of Cameron's favorite things/people right now.

He loves to listen to Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. He will bring it to us to read to him or just say "Brown Bear".
Our little adventurer LOVES to climb all over the furniture. He has no problem climbing up something high, or just laying on top of the coffee tables.

He loves his Nana Joy and Papaw. Nana Joy gives him whatever he wants and Papaw lets him play with the trains.

MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!! Can it be any bigger? Cameron absolutely LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He asks to watch it ALL day. =) Sometime I will turn it on real loud to get his attention from his room. He will hear it, then run to the living room saying "Mickey Mouse". After it begins he has to sit on his couch to watch it, unless he wants to touch the tv screen to tell me the characters. If we watch it in Tim and I's bedroom, Cameron will bring his couch in there to watch it. It is so hilarious. I was in Target last weekend, and I swear his eyes glued into anything that had Mickey Mouse on it.

Nana and Grandpa - ENOUGH SAID

Here are some other things he loves:
1. puzzles
2. drinking out of big cups
3. swimming
4. cuddling with momma (he gives the best kisses)
5. BOOKS - this makes me so happy. He loves looking at books, so I hope he will continue with this and love reading them as well.
6. flashlights
7. french fries (Yes, my child knows when we are at McDonald's. He will say "fries".)
8. PHONES - Cameron loves holding and playing with phones. So if you ever get a weird phone call from me, you know who is really calling. He imitates talking on a phone. This only works with a real phone. He will not play with all the play phones or old cell phones.)
9. sneaking into the kitchen to get into the candy jar. (We no longer have it)
10. chasing me around the house.
He is ALL boy and it is such a blessing to be his momma. I pray that he will continue to grow to be a respectful, generous, compassionate, loving, young boy who shares his laughter with all around him.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July weekend

Cameron loves his HandyManny puzzle
Cameron and Mommy went to the A.C. Steere Park on Saturday to play on the slides and in the water.

After going under the water at the park.
Cameron had to have Mickey sit with him on his couch this morning in order to watch his Mickey Mouse show. So funny!
Britni and Lainey
Mom and Dad with Cameron and Lainey

Cameron and Mommy
Grandpa with Lainey, Cameron, and Malorie watching the pop pops.
Malorie with her USA sticker that was on her cheek. She is so cute!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Painting with a Twist

I went to Painting with a Twist last night. I had a great time and really learned alot about how to NOT paint. =) The above pic is my finished product with help from the instructor 2x. I could've done better but I think I was so flustered with how to shade everything into a masterpiece. I know what to do next time. I am going back in a couple of weeks so it will be all fine and dandy.
Karen and I
Jane, Shannon, Amy, me (Top row L-R) Lynda, Mardie, & Karen (on bottom L-R)