Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day weekend

This post is just some pics from today. We went and visited with Tim's dad, Roger, and his honorary dad, Cecil.

Cameron has remember the train room at Tim's parents house. So he immediately said "TRAIN" when we got to their house. Mr. Roger has built this train set and track over the years. Heis very good with all these types of things. He showed Cameron how to make the trains go faster/slower. Probably not the thing to teach him, b/c his little hand kept turning the knobs.

We then went to Keatchie to visit with Cecil and Ria (Oma and Opa). They live in the country, so Cameron loves playing on their property. He even saw the cows today that weren't in the shade for some ungodly reason.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cameron's 1st surgery

Cameron had to get tubes put in today in both ears. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. to get admitted. Yeah, they don't tell you that you will have to wait 30 minutes once you get there to get called to sign the paperwork. We were #3 getting signed in, but everyone after us got called before us. You can imagine this was very inconvenient when we have a 2 yr. old who has been awoken VERY EARLY in the morning. We took him in his pjs and he loved that.
Cameron did very good before, during, and somewhat after. =) He entertained everyone in the waiting rooms, day surgery halls, and the nurses. As soon as we got to the day surgery floor we had to wait again to get a room assigned to us. You would think that wouldnt be a problem with over 30 rooms. Well as we waiting, Cameron kept calling for his Nana at the top of his lungs. SO FUNNY! Pretty soon, she walked around the corner andthen he started calling for Grandpa. When we got into the room, we immediately knew it would be a lost cause trying to confine him to that room. So his nana found a wagon to walk him around in. He LOVED it, but you can't tell from the pics. During his many walks, the nurse did his stats. When they gave him his loopy med (versat?), the entertainment really beefed up. Cameron was so funny. He couldn't hold his head up at all. He was in la la land. Pretty soon the surgical nurse came and got him. He did very good through the whole process they said. He was soon back with us in the room. We then had a very cranky toddler who didnt want to drink or eat anything. Surprisingly we were discharged pretty quick. He got some presents for being so good. Nanny gave him a Tigger stuffed animal. Nana and Grandpa gave him a slinky & small Elmo toy. He was such a good patient.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls Nite Out

(From left to right: Sarah w/Mason, Nichole, me, Amy, Whitney, and Courtney)
Last night we had our 1st girls nite out since Savannah was born. We all met up at Olive Garden and had dinner. It sure was yummy. Lots of conversation about all different topics. After dinner we headed to Amy's to watch a movie. Anyone who knows us knows we wouldn't be watching the movie. It was on, but between the laughing and mommy conversations, the movie was shut off. All of us agreed to do these nights more often.

Mommy's Day Out with kids

On Saturday morning, I had a Mommies Day Out with my good friends Amy and Nichole. We took the Cameron (2), Carter (6 months), and Savannah (7 weeks) to the Boardwalk and to lunch at McAllister's. We had a great time hanging out.

Amy with Carter

Nichole with Savannah.

Cameron playing with Carter. At one time he was rocking the stroller back and forth.

Another Saturday full of fun with the cousins!

Cousins playing on the horse! =) These two kept walking around the house on the horse stick together.

Mom with Aubrie

Cameron with Nana

Malorie is such a big help. She helped keep Aubrie out of the kitchen with Grandpa was cooking.

Wrestle time for Cameron and Malorie

Lainey and Malorie enjoying the swing set.


Hug time! Cameron gives the best hugs and kisses to his cousins.

She is definitely up to something here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend in Tomball, Texas

This past weekend Tim, my parents, Eric, Britni, Malorie, and I traveled down to Tomball for my cousin Matthew's high school graduation. We had a blast!

Matthew and us at his graduation party. The party was at a local christmas tree farm. Matthew plans to go to Texas A & M in the fall. He has grown into such an awesome man of God. He continues to be a blessing to all he is around. Earlier in the day we went to his graduation which was held at Texas A & M. He graduated with 642 students and was in the top 10% of his class.

While at Aunt Tillie & Uncle Johnny's, Cameron loved the stairwell. He would climib up and then come back down on his tummy or butt.

Cameron and Malorie before we left.

My buddy and I at the party.

Cameron & Malorie watching the chickens. Malorie kept telling him "CAMERON, DON'T PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THE CAGE!! THE CHICKENS WILL EAT YOUR FINGERS!!"

This farm had so many old wagons that their past generations used on their property. It is located on one of the oldest stagecoach roads around. The family has a christmas tree farm and sells vegetables and flowers.
Cutie pies!

Nana and Cameron

Aunt Tillie and I at the party. Aunt Tillie is so special to me. They have lived away from Shreveport for a long time. When I was in high school, I would always go stay with them during my spring breaks. I truly cherish all the memories of my visits to Lafayette and then Tomball. Between greyhound bus trips or meeting up at the fishing camp, my trips were always adventurous.
They were so hot, but loved it all!

Tim and Cameron taking a walk to look at all the Christmas trees. I love this picture of my two guys!
Malorie couldn't get over the tomatoes!!

Britni and I chilling with the kids before the slideshow. This place was so nice! It was catered with mexican food and had all the drinks you wanted.


It was so hot out there that I threw Cameron in the bath when we got back that evening. He loved getting clean and cooled off. We had to use the ice bowl for a bucket to wash his hair.

On the way home, the girls and Cameron stopped at the Woodleands Mall. Of course, we had to visit the Disney store. Cameron loved all the Mickey Mouse items! He gave Goofy a big hug.

We had to take a picture of him with everyone of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters.
On the way home, I was driving home by myself since Tim stayed with the guys to go to the Astros/Cubs game. Everything was going great. Cameron was sleeping and then watching movies. Well just about 3/4 of the way home, he got sick. I mean really sick, to the point it took 30 minutes for me to clean him, the car, and his seat. Thank God for extra clothes! No picture needed due to using your imagination. Yeah, we have learned he doesn't do good with being in a car for hours. CAR SICK!!!